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Pastor Lambert delivers presentations that partners with pastors and church leaders for a powerful understanding of leadership in The Lord’s House.

The goal of this workshop is to equip church leaders with information, as well as the inspiration, to become an active partner in the presentation, and promotion, of the vision of the church. It is understood from the opening words, that the vision is given by God, and set in motion by the pastor. This is a "working" session where those attending are brought from the shadows into the light, and are given opportunity to participate in information that inspires that spirit, to go to work for The Lord! Here is an overview of what you will receive in this power-packed workshop titled, "Leaders! Stay On The Wall, Serve This Present Age!:

"The" Leadership Conference", brings spiritual knowledge to church leaders, that will challenge them to become better leaders in the church. Your church leaders will be inspired to become active partners in the presentation, and promotion, of the vision of the church as given by God, and set forth by the pastor.

This workshop is done on site, at your church. Watch God's transforming presence as your church leaders begin to recognize, and understand, their place in leadership in The Lord's House! Rejoice as you witness leaders who refuse to come off the wall and dedicate themselves to "Serve This Present Age"!

Pastor Lambert's Contact Info:

Cell: (850)221-6155
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