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2015 3rd Place Songwriter

Brother Levi Mims

Brother Levi Mims captured the third place songwriting spot with his song, “Lord Take It Away.”  He is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida and a member of the Bethel Metropolitan Missionary Baptist church.  He sings in the Male chorus at the church and he has written many, many songs down through the years.  Brother Mims wowed us last year with his song, “Inside The Gate.”  Brother Mims came back this year and stole the hearts of the audience and judges with his song, “Lord Take It Away.”  This song was a traditional song, but there was so much power in the words and emotional tenure of the song you knew he meant business.  Brother Mims plans to continue writing and singing songs as long as God keeps giving him more songs to write.  There is no doubt God has given him a gift for songwriting, and it is our hope Brother Mims will move higher and higher as God takes him deeper and deeper.