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2014 3rd Place Songwriter

Sister Beverly McDonald

Sister Beverly McDonald was tied for 3rd place in our songwriting competition. She brought her song, “His Name Is Jesus Christ” to the workshop this year and it had everybody standing up, clapping their hands and doing a holy dance.

If you have been keeping up with the gospel Songwriters Music workshop down through the years, you know Sister Beverly is no stranger to the workshop and she has held all three positions as songwriting winner during several of our workshops. She is a prolific writer who always brings thought provoking songs that cause you to examine yourself. She is a member of Queen Street Church of God in Christ in St. Petersburg, Florida where she serves faithfully.

Sister Beverly has a pleasant manner and a wonderful sense of humor that will keep you laughing; however, she is serious about her gift of music. When you start reading more about sister Beverly McDonald, remember she got her start at the Gospel songwriters Music Workshop.