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2011 1st Place Songwriter

Sister Yvonne Wheeler

Sister Wheeler is a newcomer to the workshop, but she is not a newcomer to gospel music. Sister Wheeler is a local recording artist with 2 CD’s under her belt and when she opens her mouth to sing, it is easy to understand why she had the number 1 song for this year. Her song was entitled, “I Need A Blessing.” As she sang the words to this song the power and anointing of the Lord fell all over the house. Sister Wheeler has a powerful voice and she sings with a lot of sincerity and feeling. As the winner of our songwriting showcase, she represented the gospel songwriters Music workshop at the God Save Humanity (GSH) gospel Music Awards show in January 2012. She sang with the same passion and anointing that she exhibited at the workshop. To learn more about the GSH Gospel Music Awards Show, go to their website at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it If you would like to learn more about sister Yvonne wheeler and where you can obtain more of her music, check out her Face Book page. If you want to hear more of her song, go to our media center and enjoy.