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It’s All About Planning

The 2015 gospel Songwriters Music Workshop has come and gone and all I can say is, “You should have been there!”  This was an outstanding workshop as usual because we had great clinicians, songwriters, musicians, praise dancers, and singers.  God showed up and wrecked the place through His spirit and anointing.  The entire conference was simply blessed and those who wanted to come, but could not get things together so they could attend missed a real treat.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize that the Gospel songwriters Music Workshop is a real workshop/conference that requires planning, coordination, finances and dedication to ensure everything goes smoothly.  All the elements must be in place in order for the instructors, equipment, materials, location, and personnel to be ready for the actual participants to receive the information being provided.  Just as we must prepare to ensure everything is ready when the songwriters, singers, musicians, praise dancers and others come in to partake of this knowledge, the participants must prepare themselves to travel, receive and apply the knowledge they are being given.

I receive so many calls each year from people in the local area as well as from other areas around the country who say they want to come to the workshop, but the interesting thing is none of them make real preparations to come.  Many of the people who call me are individuals who have attended the workshop in the past and have a desire to attend again, but never seem to get here because they don’t put real plans in place.  It is a great thing that so many people say they want to participate , but having a desire to participate and putting plans in place to attend are two different things.  There are many things we all desire to do, but if we aren’t willing to set aside the time in advance; make accommodations; and make appropriate arrangements it is simply wishful thinking.

There was an older mother in our church by the name of Mother Miller who used to say, “People do just about whatever they want to do.”  I have found that there is a lot of truth to this sentiment.  Simply said, whatever you really want to do, you will plan and prepare to do it.  I don’t mean to imply that we are the most important workshop or conference you could attend, but what I am saying is that this workshop is important enough to plan and prepare for if you really want to attend.

I say it all the time and it bears repeating, “The Gospel songwriters Music Workshop is a unique workshop dedicated to the unsigned and unsung artist who can concentrate on their own gift while networking with others who have the same desire.  We bring quality clinicians from the industry that can help educate, encourage, and enhance your knowledge.  The idea is to promote the continuance of the art of songwriting, singing, dancing, and musicianship.

The workshop was conducted for 15 years in the Gulf Coast region of Florida, but now we are in the Tampa Bay area of Florida continuing the great work we started over 21 years ago.  Our focus has not changed, but our resolve has only deepened to become the biggest and the best at what we do.  If we are to become the best, then we must plan, prepare, and present what we say we want to do.

The gospel songwriters Music workshop is a full 3 day workshop and in order to get the most out of the time you must plan in advance to come.  This means placing the dates on your calendar; requesting time off from your job; setting up transportation arrangements; setting up lodging accommodations if required, etc., if you really want to attend.  Three days out of anybody’s schedule can be a great deal of time if you have not planned ahead; consequently, one must plan in advance to attend if the information being provided is worthwhile to obtain.

Anything worth having is worth placing in your schedule in advance so you will be assured you can attend.  If you are trying to figure out why you haven’t been able to make this great workshop, or why you haven’t been able to return to this great workshop, see how much advance planning you have done to ensure you can attend.  The old saying goes, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”  If you want to attend the Gospel songwriters Music Workshop on next year, start making preparations such as:  Hotel reservations, transportation arrangements, vacation days, finances, etc., so you will be in the house.  Don’t wait, start now and we’ll see you next year.