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Good health is something that most of us strive to achieve because it is so important to the way we are able to live our lives. If we are very fortunate we have parents who have “good” jobs that provide health care coverage for the entire family. If we are old enough to have a job, we generally tend to try and find a job that has “good benefits” which includes health care. If you are young and healthy, you never really think about the importance of health care until you have a medical problem that goes beyond your financial ability to pay. That’s when you realize how important health care really is.

Thousands of people in our country recognize the need for health care, but are unable to avail themselves of medical insurance that would make it more obtainable and affordable for the masses. Many working class people live from day-to-day hoping and praying that they do not get sick or their family members do not get sick. Many preventable and treatable diseases go unchecked simply because medical costs are so high that only the very rich and the very poor in our society have access to “good” health care. That’s why the Gospel songwriters Music Workshop and the doctors Home Medical Group partnered to sponsor the second annual Healthy Bodies & Minds Health and Vision Fair to continue building a bridge for those who need medical attention, but may not have the available financial resources at their disposal.

The concern about health care is not just a Black or White problem, but it impacts all communities, races and genders of people. The idea of having a health fair is not a new idea says Debra Thompson, founder and coordinator of the Gospel songwriters Music Workshop, Inc., but, the need is so great and so serious she wanted to do something to help. “I realize if you do not have good health, whether that is physical, mental, emotional, financial or spiritual, etc., you can’t enjoy other things in life such as singing, dancing, writing and various other activities that make life worth living.” That’s why she thinks God placed the idea of sponsoring a health fair in her heart as a part of the overall work being done by the gospel songwriters Music workshop. Debra says, “It’s all about education; no matter whether it is a workshop or a health fair the need is there. Many great songs have been written from a position of physical, emotional and spiritual pain, says Thompson, but I think most people would prefer to be healthy than unhealthy.”

The health fair was held at the office of Dr. Jonadad Uzoho a local doctor in the Mid-Town community of st. Petersburg, Florida. There were representatives from the health care community such as Humana Insurance and the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) available to answer questions and provide information. Wells Fargo came out to talk about financial health and Bush Pharmacy provided free vitamin samples for attendees. There was also diabetes testing and blood pressure checks being conducted along with the local VFW Post providing information for veterans. Hospice, 211, Sow a Seed Food Pantry and the Blood Mobile were also included as a part of our line-up as well as Our Father Figure. We had some great praise dancing provided by talented young people of the Women of Praise Dance group and Divine Destiny Praise Dancers. Songs were rendered by Sister Antonea Frazier and Mother Betty Keys. Delicious food and drinks were available for all and Mr. Frank Perez of JSA Medical Group provided snow cones and popcorn for the children. The entire day was awesome!!!

Finally, Councilman Wengay Newton came out to greet the health fair attendees and take part in the activities. This just added icing to the cake and helped to emphasize how important the topic of health care really is to everyone. If you never acknowledge that a problem exists, then you can never hope to find a solution. As long as we have people in our communities who lack basic health care opportunity the gospel songwriters Music workshop will be there to help bridge that gap. Our mission is education and preservation of Gospel Music, but a healthy body and mind is the first prerequisite to becoming a great artist.