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Twenty Years and Still Counting

It is always a blessing when you can say “God showed up and showed out!” It might sound like a cliché, but that is what happened. This was a 20th year workshop celebration that went way beyond expectations and pumped us up for more to come. The first thing that made this workshop so good was the fact we had some great clinicians who were excited and ready to go; and the second thing was the participants who came out and made everything possible by being there.

We started the workshop on Thursday night and you could feel the excitement in the air as everyone began to gather. We had some dynamic clinicians in the house and they were fired up and ready to go. Our special guest clinician was none other than Bishop Leonard Scott, CEO of Tyscot Records. Bishop Scott is a quiet unassuming man, but when you let him talk about the ministry of music he becomes a different person. He is animated, alive and fully engaged. Along with our other clinicians he brought information and examples you could use in any music ministry.

Our Praise Dance Class was headed up by Sister Debbie Butler Brown, Brother Arthur & Sister Darline McCoy. This tag team trio was ready with fresh new material for our dancers to learn. The young people came in with open minds and hearts and put all of their energy and effort into praising God with the dance. The Songwriters Class was headed up by Sister Yvonne Reed Matthews and Minister David Fairley. The songwriters came in ready to soak up all the information these clinicians had to impart and we were truly blessed. As you can imagine, the opening night of the workshop set the tone for the greater blessings that would be experienced by all as we listened and shared with one another.

Friday morning was full of great topics for discussion. The participants came ready to learn; share and ask questions. The whole atmosphere changed when Brother Derek “The Change Man” Smith stepped up to the podium. He kept everybody fully engaged and challenged as he moderated the flow of the discussion. As Brother Derek likes to say, “No spectators allowed, only participators.” Additionally, Brother Arthur McCoy graced us with a special praise dance designed to invoke the spirit of God into the sanctuary and you could feel the presence of the Lord move all around the place. As the young people would say, “It was on from there.”

Saturday night the Culminating Concert was so good and so exciting we could hardly contain ourselves. The Praise Dancers started us out with the song, “Shout” which got everyone on their feet shouting and praising the Lord. Our Mistress of Ceremony, Recording Artist, sister Yvonne Wheeler kept everything moving and on track as she blessed our souls with her energetic introductions and presentations.

This year we had twelve (12) dynamic songwriters who brought 12 dynamic songs. The variety of songs was so interesting and so enjoyable that it made you realize that God truly has something for every musical taste. We enjoyed worship and praise songs as well as traditional songs. Gospel Rap for the young people and ballads for the more reserved. If you like to get up and dance, wave your hands and pat your feet; we had that too. You just can’t beat a Holy Ghost party because it is the best kind of party you can attend. Furthermore, Bishop Scott blessed our first place songwriting winner, Sister Katherine Frazier with a Tyscot Songwriting & Publishing Contract; now how blessed is that!!!

Finally, the workshop choir along with Bishop Scott graced us with three songs from his “Be Lifted Up” CD. We enjoyed “This Song I Sing”, “Yes Lord” and “Be Lifted Up”. Bishop Scott and the choir sang under the anointing which is always a good topping at the end of a great program. As usual, there is just too much to tell in one sitting. The best thing you can do is plan to be with us on next year so you can experience it for yourself. Also, we have DVD’s and CD’s from this landmark event that you might want to have in your collection. Highlights of this program can be viewed at: http://youtu.be/lDLAKQ-HNXA