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Sis Debra Thompson

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Walking By Faith, Not By Sight


Founder Debra Thompson

There is a scripture in the Bible that says, "For we walk by faith and not by sight." 2 cor. 5:7.  This scripture has never been more real for me than it became on last year.  I really thought I had things going the way I thought the Lord wanted them to go, but God seemed to have a different plan in mind.


Our 2012 workshop had been a big success and I just knew I was going to do a 2013 workshop; but somehow I just couldn't seem to get it together.  The more the time passed the more I knew the 2013 workshop wasn't going to happen.  I started asking the Lord what was it He wanted me to do.  I thought He might have been trying to tell me to give up doing the workshop, but I just wasn't sure what He wanted me to do.  so I kept praying.


The Lord finally showed me that he wanted me to re-record some of my songs that I had recorded a few years earlier.  I contacted a great brother in the Lord, Brother Derek Smith of SKD Entertainment, who was our 2012 guest artist  to talk with him about my songs.  Brother Derek said he would be willing to work with me to help me find direction and refine my songs.  That turned out to be the best decision God ever made for me!


Once the project was completed we began to brain-storm about a name for the tour title, "Blind Faith" seemed to fit what I was doing.  Not only was this a walk of faith, but I represent individuals who have limited physical sight; yet, it is not me, but it's the Christ that dwells within me.  God has blessed me to go from Florida to New York and everywhere in between singing His songs of praise.  Glory hallelujah who would have ever thought something like this could ever happen to me!


If you are reading this and you don't have a copy of my CD Sampler, "D" Day, you need to make it your business to obtain a copy.  Moreover, start planning now so you can be at the 2014 Gospel Songwriters workshop so we can share some of the things I have learned as a professional recording artist.   Now that I have a little singing and traveling experience under my belt, I have a renewed zest for organizing the workshop.  It's funny how we never know how god will direct our path, but I can truly say if we follow His lead, we will always end up in the right place.