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Sis Debra Thompson

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Brother Derek Smith was our 2012 special guest and he was such a dynamic and challenging artist that our attendees could hardly stop talking about him. He is not only a prolific songwriter and singer, but he is the owner and force behind SKD Entertainment a local studio and management company that truly offers “Something Kinda Different” (SKD). Brother Smith is one of the most talented singers and songwriters who ever graced our workshop. His boundless knowledge and charming personality made his class a big hit for our singers and choir members. He has worked with many great artists in the Gospel Music arena, but he is taking time out of his busy schedule so he can work with our singers and choir members again this year. If you want to learn something kinda different to boost your music ministry, plan to be at the 2014 workshop and sing with Brother Derek, “The Change Man” Smith because you’ll never forget it!!

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Minister David Jerome Fairley is a new addition to our songwriting team. He brings a fresh passion and perspective to our songwriters class. Minister Fairley is a well established singer, songwriter and musician. He is a licensed minister at the First Baptist Church of Prichard, AL and he enjoys working with new artists and helping them to develop their songwriting skills. He has worked with many choirs and groups around the Mobile metro area and has a well established reputation of being a professional, and one who takes his music seriously. We are excited about having Minister Fairley as a part of our line-up this year and we can’t wait to see what exciting things God has in store for us through him.

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Sister Yvonne Reed-Matthews is one of the most talented and knowledgeable people you will find in the music arena anywhere in the world.

She is a skilled singer, songwriter, musician and instructor. Her credits include: Educator, choral instructor, recording artist, Vice Principal, etc. She has the ability to work with young and old alike while keeping the topics fresh and exciting. Sister Matthews has been with the workshop since its inception and every year the Lord blesses us to conduct this workshop she finds a way to inspire every participant in their gift of songwriting. Sister Matthews is not only a beautiful lady on the outside, but she is also a beautiful person on the inside, and her pursuit of excellence has a way of touching every attendee. If you are interested in some one-on-one songwriting instruction in a collaborative setting with other artists, then the 2014 Gospel Songwriters Music workshop is where you should plan to be as you allow God to take you higher in the gift He has given you.

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Sister Darline McCoy is not new to the praise dance field. She is a talented songwriter, singer, musician and praise dancer who loves to work with youth in the community.

Sister McCoy coordinates the praise dance team of the Queen Street church of god in Christ in St. Petersburg, Florida as well as a community praise dance team. She has such a lovely personality and a charming spirit which makes it easy to understand why she attracts young people of all ages. Sister Mccoy worked with Sister Deborah Butler Brown in our Praise Dance Class and together they made a formidable team. The class was fun, exciting and spiritually charged for the youth who participated during our 2012 workshop; consequently, we expect no less in 2014. If you enjoy praise dancing then plan to be at the 2014 Gospel Songwriters Music workshop in June because it will be great.

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Sister Deborah Butler-Brown is a beautiful and graceful dancer who worked with our Praise Dance Class in 2011 and 2012. She is not only a wonderful dancer, but she is also a singer with a strong family background in music. Sister Brown has experience in choreography, African Dance, Praise Dance and other visual arts. She is also the founder of The Women of Praise Dance Ministry. She works with young and old alike and brings energy and enthusiasm to all who participate in her Praise Dance Class. If your church has a praise dance team, then you will want to get involved in our Praise Dance class with Sister Brown because she is sure to bring out the best in what you already know and add to the knowledge you already have.  Go to our Registration Page and sign up today!!

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Minister Robert Brown has been around the Gospel Songwriters Music Workshop for over 10 years and has provided his musical expertise as a skilled drummer, base player, songwriter and recording studio owner.

His recording studio, J. Ssentric Entertainment has been used by many professional and amateur singers and musicians alike. Minister Brown has a wealth of knowledge and experience that made him a perfect candidate to work with our Musicians Class and our Vocal Class. In the past Minister Brown conducted several of our early morning seminars. These seminars were well attended and well worth getting up early to enjoy. Minister Brown plans to be at the 2014 Workshop and looks forward to seeing you there as well.